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The Second Amendment Oct 02, 2017

Agency will always lie with the prime actors in any violent event. I continue support providing the mental and societal support systems needed to help would-be criminals find the help they need.

However, in the absence of any political, practical, moral, or ethical system for eradicating violent tendencies, we also must look to mitigate the ease and impact of such acts. Stephen Paddock killed or maimed over 450 people at last count. To suggest that we ignore the implements with which this act took place is willful denial.

Guns are instruments of deprivation. They act to deprive life, liberty, and freedom from those they are turned against. They are the antithesis of American ideals and of fundamental human rights. This can not stand.

Guns make irrevocable, unchallenged decisions for their wielder. As an aggressor, a shooter kills the innocent. As a defender, a shooter's hasty, error-prone decisions are made permanent.

They are a threat to myself, my children, my family, and everyone that I love and care about. There is no defense against a fired bullet. No amount of hope and prayer will bring them back to me as I hold their body in my arms.

And, NO, I will not count their lives as the cost of liberty. Death is not freedom.

End the Second Amendment. End gun ownership.

(Adapted from a public social media post that I made.)