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A Calendar of Tales Feb 22, 2013

I love Neil Gaiman's work. So when I disovered a new collection of his short stories online, I became ecstatic. A Calendar of Tales is a collection of twelver short stories that he has written based on twitter responses to a series of questions that he posted online. I only wish that I had discovered it sooner.

What particularly draws me to his style of writing is that he exemplifies the practice of "show, don't tell" when he writes. He throws you into the first story just as quickly as the character he is introducing has been thrown in, ("disoriented", "unfocused"). Yet by the end of the tale, you understand what's happening and what's unfolding without ever being told. It's absolutely brilliant storytelling.

A direct link to A Calendar of Tales.

Laurent Durieux Feb 13, 2013

Laurent Durieux's imagined movie posters are gorgeous, with all the right details to be both visually and emotionally captivating. There's a write up in Collector's Weekly from a few days ago. It looks like Mondo has had them for sale in the past.