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Feb 11, 2013

Updates for 2013

It has occured to me that part of the reason that I started this site was because I wanted to practice my writing. That doesn't work if I don't write!

A lot has happened in the past couple of years. I helped boostrap a trucking logistics company in early 2010. Over the summer, I left that company [on good terms] and have joined another, more well known company.

My role now involves working to help make the internet faster. I joined the PageSpeed Insights team. It's been a great team to work with and I can already see some of my changes and researching making an impact on the development. If you have ideas for the team, feel free to send them my way or, better yet, hit the team up on our mailing list.

I spent most of the weekend hacking on this site, getting my contributions to Pelican squared away, and making a few new features as well. I threw the raw content of this site up on GitHub and setup a webhook that publishes updates to the site as soon as I check them in. I'll have more details on how I did that in a future post. More importantly, I really have no excuse for not updating the site anymore. It's as simple as a call to `git push`.

Stay tuned for more!


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